Re: I wrote Oprah

From: Millie (
Wed Feb 28 14:04:03 2001

Colette, Another g.i. visit for me today,too. The nurse practitioner sent me for bloodwork, and abdominal xrays. I told him this is not from irritable bowel. I told him how much pain I've been in since the surgery, and I told him I didn't appreciate how she laughed me off, and I didn't like her comment. I will tell her, too. I am so mad that I could.... oh, never mind. How did your appointment go? Millie

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> >Hey guys
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> > I just sent an email to Oprah.Well they got my exray back and I go to
see > >a GI today.Wish me luck.Thanks for all the support.
> >Dawn
> Good luck Dawn! I too am going to see the Gi today at 4pm. so i will be
> thinking of you !

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