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Wed Feb 28 08:36:09 2001

At Tue, 27 Feb 2001, rikam wrote: >Ok questin? After my hysterectomy i started with a fever and the dr kept me an extra day and put me on IV antibotics He said i had an infection some where but could not pinpoint it. well after i went home it happened again i went to the ER they did nothing sent me home the fever did go away i jus wonder if thats why i'm having problems now!
Colette >There is an actual condition where small amounts of bacteria "flare" up then
>slow down...over and over again. Usually there are more infection signs
>though. I once met someone who actually had this diagnosed. When I had one
>of my bouts with peritonitis, the last one, I had to go every few days for a
>ct scan as the doctors were watching the infection get smaller and
> op. I had a surgery that was not your standard surgery for
>peritonitis. Anyway for a few years afterward I would get increased pain,
>fever, and would seem to have an infection. The doctor would put me in the
>hospital on iv pain meds and antibiotics, I'd get better, then it would
>flare up again. A top surgeon at OHSU told me her opinion was that I had
>minute pockets of infection and somehow with increased activity,
>inflamation, and adhesions, it would cause them this low grade type
>infection to flare up. I cannot have further surgeries safely so they
>closely monitor me but that's about it. Have you been treated with
>antibiotics? Also after one of the surgeries I suddenly developed intense
>localized pain. I wore a binder for a while and eventually either I got
>used to the pain or it got better...

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>> Last summer, I had misdiagnosed pelvic pain that developed into
>> peritonitis. As a result of the infection, I developed adhesions
>> connecting the upper right loop of the colon to the abdominal wall. My
>> main chronic symptom was back pain that was worse with activity. Ever
>> since that infection, anytime I get a cold or the flu my fingernails
>> stop growing and "rings" develop. This also happened when I had the
>> peritonitis. I am concerned about this since I have always been healthy
>> as a horse and have never had persitent problems with ridges in my nails
>> and see it as a sign that there is something wrong with my overall
>> health since it is a recurrent problem.
>> Over 2 1/2 weeks ago, I had a exploratory surgery in which the adhesions
>> were discovered and burned away. I STILL have back pain where the
>> adhesions were burned away and I would consider the pain to be worse
>> than before the surgery... and now have an additional pain in the upper
>> right pelvic area. My doctor is unsure of what it may be and has
>> mentioned that it might be a pulled muscle. She is an obgyn specialist
>> that admits that intestinal adhesions are not her area of expertise and
>> wants me to look elsewhere for help. To me, it almost feels like I
>> yanked something inside and it snapped and now it hurts. It is worse
>> when I change positions, worse at night and first thing in the morning.
>> My surgical wounds were slow to heal since most of the biodegradeable
>> stiches were visible in the wounds and keeping them open after my other
>> stiches were removed. Is it possible I could have an infection brewing?
>> I did not have a fever when I had peritonitis last summer and if my
>> nails hadn't stopped growing, we wouldn't have thought it was an
>> infection since my only symptom was pain... and I just slowly
>> deteriorated over time and became extremely weak. I find the current
>> pulled muscle story to be plausible but unlikely since I have had so
>> much pain since the surgery. We believe the back pain is inflammation
>> and/or adhesions trying to grow back but don't have a suggestion for the
>> new pain in front. Any suggestions?

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