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From: toni welsh (
Wed Feb 28 04:46:25 2001

At Tue, 27 Feb 2001, Teresa Waldrop wrote: >
>I sent an e-mail to Oprah about a week ago. Maybe if a lot of us write to her she will respond. I asked for her help in fighting ARD and the way many doctors treat it. I went to and sent it through there. - Teresa

I sure do wish sh ewould do a show for us, and maybe people would listen, I do not remember or did not see the show, but it was right after I had surgery, my father had seen a show of hers about the complications after hysterectomies, and one of them was adhesions. I talked to my friend yesterday, and the gyn was planning on a lap, and she too had to have a laparotomy, she said all she remembered the dr saying was when he went in it was a mess, she has never been cut, her hysterectomy was 5 years ago, when he did a vaginal one, and she still had alot of adhesions. Her pain was different than I have, and she said she had never had the bowel trouble.

I am still having cramping, and when I try to get gas out, I end up in the bathroom with just a very small amount of loose stool, but it still hurts to get that out. I am not used to this sort of pain, normally the stool is hard.

I told my husband I just think all the laxatives have done something to the bowels. I feel like a fool talking about the "poop" thing all the time.

:ove, Toni

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