Re: Welcome

Tue Feb 27 21:57:00 2001

Dear Teresa,

Thanks for responding. I'll let you and everyone else know how everything goes. My surgery is tomorrow morning and I'm getting a little nervous. My scar has just really healed since my surgery in November and here I go again. As I said once before if any one else has experienced this fluid please let me know and if any what the outcome was.

Teresa thanks for Pam address I will e-mail here sometime after my surgery.

Please keep me in your prayers,


Teresa Waldrop wrote:

> Dear Tee,Welcome to our site. I have never had a problem with the
> fluid like you do. It will surprise me if no one here has. I think
> between us all we have had everything possible-haha. It is sad to say,
> but true. I hope that your surgery goes great. I think that there are
> a few people here that have managed to get disability for ARD(adhesion
> related disorder). You might want to ask Pam in Florida. I think she
> told me once that she was on it until she got better. Here address is
> She answered a lot of questions for me when I
> first found this wonderful site. You will find some of the most
> understanding and helpful friends here. Again, I say WELCOME! -
> Teresa

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