A small Hint

From: Suze (suze63@one.net.au)
Tue Feb 27 17:52:11 2001

Hi Everyone! I do hope today is a better one for you all... I am heading back to see my gp again today as things are not going well since my surgery two weeks ago. BUT I am seeing a new surgeon in two weeks so really hanging out for that. Getting back to my GP a thought went through my mind this morning of something she told me so I thought I would share it here with you all. She is very big on making sure I get the right vitamins and minerals that I need as I don't , no cant eat properly most of the time, living on sloppy foods and liquids most of the time. She told me with multi vitamins to get the effervescent ones and not the tablets as apparently the tablets actually absorb from the bowels once they have dissolved, But the effervescent ones because they are already broken down they get absorbed from the stomach and so if you are having bowel trouble is much better. I have found them much better that way for some reason and they do help pick me up a bit. Just a thought I thought id pass on

Take care thinking of you all hope you are able to smile today Suze

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