Re: occuring small bowel obstructions

From: Janet Karam (
Tue Feb 27 14:22:14 2001

Dear Sheila,

I believe the test you describe for you next procedure will be the enteroclysis with small bowel follow-through. They pass a very small tube through your nose just past your esophogus, this tickles and is definately annoying, but if you relax and breathe you won't be too uncomfortable.

These tests can sometimes show lille proof of adhesions, even if you do have them, so more than anything, you have to trust yourself and what your body feels and tells you.

Even though my radiologist reports in both tests that there was a slowing of barium in one area in particular suggesting adhesion, my doctor told me on the phone that my test results were normal.

Your pain and suffering is real no matter what the tests say, so remember that if they tell you it is normal. I had no idea what was wrong with me when I had my first barium test after surgery.

It was the radiologist technician who first said the word "adhesion" to me, and it was then that I began my internet search...that was in April '99, though I just found this site a couple of months ago.

It is my pleasure to be here for you, and help in anyway I can.



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