How to Cope With a Serious Medical Condition

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Feb 26 13:35:13 2001

[] How to Cope With a Serious Medical Condition,1053,3693,00.html

1.) Learn as much as you can about your illness. An informed patient feels more in control.

2.) Seek help from a psychologist or counselor if you have emotional problems.

3.) Find and join a support group. It's good to learn that you're not alone, and statistics show that people in support groups live longer.

4.) Start a support group if you can't find one.

5.) Enlist your friends and family in your battle.

6.) Accept help from others. This can help you to maintain your priorities.

7.) Delegate burdensome chores, such as mowing the lawn, but keep the chores that give you pleasure or solace.

8.) Find the humor in your situation whenever you can. Laughter has been proved to help the immune system.

9.) Take care of the caregivers. Make sure they eat well, get enough rest and get breaks from their responsibilities

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