Re: Viseral Massage

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Feb 26 12:07:56 2001

Where are you? I've heard of this technique and am willing to give it a try. I sat oiling my gun yesterday, but didn't do it obviously. I went to the ocean and walked in and the cold brought me back to my senses and actually made me glad to be alive again for awhile. The Pacific is really cold with strong waves. It actually felt good but getting out alive brings you up sharp to count your blessings again. Sally

Jennine wrote:

> I have another question.
> My mother has a reflexologist who claims she can cure my pelvic pain
> (due to adhesions, I believe) through a technique called viseral
> massage. Has anyone heard of this or have tried it? I cannot imagine
> anyone doing a deep massage in my pelvic area. I would leap off the
> table in pain! Yet, she says in a one and a half hour session, I would
> have relief.
> Wow! Here I've been suffering all these months when I could have had a
> massage! It sounds too good to be true.
> Any thoughts?
> Jennine

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