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From: Kate Murphy (
Sun Feb 25 10:42:24 2001

On 25 Feb 2001, at 9:56, wrote:

> I have lost an enormous amount of weight and my body and spirit have grown
> tired and weak. I fainted three times at the grocery store. I ate two
> crackers Thursday evening after that happened but now I am feeling light
> headed again


If you are not getting any nourishment, you are going to faint. Also, you need to have your blood count checked to be sure that you are not anemic.

Three years ago, with nine doctors actively involved in some aspect of my care, I decided I needed ONE person to keep track of all that was happening to me. I found a female internist who is my primary care doctor. She also specializes in rheumatology so she can treat my arthritis and other general aches and pains.

She keeps track of regular checkups and blood tests. She gets all the reports from all the doctors, makes sure that one drug isn't interacting with another one, and provides a generally upbeat point of view for me.

How about searching out a good person like this to help you plan your care. She might be able to hook you up with a nutritionist who can help with getting nourishment into your body. There are ways to do this -- without it hurting or causing more pain.

Your body cannot deal with a problem as difficult as adhesion disease without strength -- physical and emotional. Fainting is a serious warning that something is very wrong. It MAY NOT be what you think it is. Get it checked out.



Kate Murphy

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