From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Feb 25 09:45:14 2001

[] Dr. Harry Reich

Dr Bradley: "I recently referred a severe adhesion patient in NY to Harry Reich. MD, perhaps the most talented laparoscopic surgeon in the world!! 5 hours of surgery, she is at last pain free!!"

Maryhalm: "I've heard great things about Dr. Reich."

Dr Bradley: "Don't assume that your oncologist, however talented, is an adhesion expert!"

Dr. Bradley: Sadly, egos sometimes preclude good judgement!!"

( NOTE: Dr. Reich performs surgery at Community Medical Center at Scranton, PA...and also at St. Vincents' Hospital at New York City.)

~ ~ ~ ~

[] Dr. Harry Reich and Dr. Camran Nezhat

Dr Bradley: "Dr.Wiseman, the list suggestion could be very helpful to patients. Unfortunately there is only one Harry Reich, Camran Nezhat. Patients sometimes assume that anybody packing up a laparoscope qualifies for this unique company. Not So!!"

( NOTE: Dr. Camran Nezhat performs surgery at Palo Alto, California.)

~ ~ ~ ~

[] Dr. Robert Albee:

Maryhalm: "Gotta mention the doc who did my last surgery, Dr. Robert Albee. He's great at what he does."

( NOTE: Dr. Robert Albee performs surgery at Atlanta, Georgia.)

~ ~ ~ ~

[] Dr. Harry Reich and Dr. Camran Nezhat:

Dr Wiseman: "Dr Bradley you are right, there is only one Harry Reich and Camran Nezhat et al. what I usually do is have patients let me know where they live and then I try to match them with someone I know in the area"

~ ~ ~ ~

[ NOTE: I have excerpted the above information from the June 23, 1998 Chat. Chat transcripts are listed on the left side of this webpage.]

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