Re: Recuperating in Scranton

From: Mary Wade (
Sun Feb 25 08:36:35 2001

Dear Dee, What wonderful news! Every time someone goes to Scranton, I have the mental pictures from my time there. What a deal! Now if I didn't "take it easy" because I felt so darned good and just had to savor it all....can I get by with telling YOU to "take it easy?" Well...I'll try. I frustrated my own recovery by charging around and then getting overly tired which would set me back. Physically it didn't hurt me...but emotionally the roller coaster was more difficult the way I did it. I wanted it all "right now." I finally decided to work hard at "taking it easy" and that little mental trick (by nature I HAVE to work hard at SOMETHING) has kept me content. Those docs are just...the best...aren't they? My best wishes for your continued happy days. Love, Mary

At 08:58 AM 2/25/01 -0600, you wrote: >Hi All,
>As Pam already posted the doctors found extensive abdominal and pelvic
>adhesions. I am feeling a little sore but THE PAIN I HAVE FELT EVERDAY
>FOR SO LONG IS GONE!!!! I can tell the surgery was successful. It is an
>amazing difference. Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich were both absolutely
>wonderful to me and to Alan. I had to stay in the hospital overnight
>and was very well cared for there also.
>Thanks again for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

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