Re: Why is my surgeon giving me such a hard time?

From: Jean (
Fri Feb 23 15:17:20 2001

At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Millie wrote: >
>I am going through hell, too. All because of a TAH that I find out I didn't
>need. She left the right ovary.She said the path. was o.k. She said the
>organs she removed were in pretty good shape.So why did she mangle me? I
>have hurt every day and night since I came home. Bowel function is not good.
>She laughed at me and called me her "colicky baby." She tried to pass it off
>as irritable bowel, becase it was the lazy way out to read my past history,
>and not consider she hacked me up. You don't know what this has done to me
>mentally and physically. i have a lot of bowel problems, and pain so I can't
>standup straight, walk right, sit for too long, or lay down certain ways. I
>don't see anything ever improving - here it is over 3 weeks. I am mad at the
>women I know here. They all were glad they had theirs done. NOT ME!!!! I
>guess I can't blame them, though. Yes, adhesions can and do re-form after
>surgery, the more they cut and move things around, the more adhesions you
>get. I bet I am 10-fold with them since the surgery. She was supposed to
>have cut them, and put in Interceed. But I read where that's not a sure fire
>cure all. She found minimal endo, which according to the post op report, she
>did nothing with. I read somewhere that women ob/gyns are more apt to hack
>you up. I don't know why. I never should have agreed to let her even cut
>me, because once they have you under, they can do whatever they want. I am
>sorry I'm so bitter, but I can't be left like this, or worse, forever. I
>have thought about the pill route,too, but with my luck, it would backfire
>and leave me worse off! LOL. My gastro gave the whole dept. orders not to
>accept any more messages from me - he said because I called the office too
>much, as well as after hours. I thought that's what they are there for. He
>sid I'd have to see their psychologist, or he wouldn't keep me as a patient.
>I told the psychologist that since what happened to my Mom, and to me, that
>I don't trust many Ds. - including that ob/gyn. But I bet the gastro liked
>my money, and the ins. co. money. Someday I pray to be better so i can go in
>there and tell them all what I think of them - especially the ob/gyn. A lot
>of them just don't care. You're just a $ sign.
>Keep in touch.

Millie, I have had MANY empathetic doctors in the past. The only really good empathetic one retired on me!!! He was a GYN who only dealt with womanly problems, not childbirth anymore. The ovary he took out (last one) was attached to my vaginal wall inside by adhesions. It also had cysts on it. He even said after his surgery "no wonder you were in so much pain". He said he had never seen anything like it in all his years of practice. He also found adhesions on the peritoneum and gall-bladder.

The doctor who took the 1st ovary was a completely different story!!! He did my first ovary surgery but said nothing was wrong with me when I went back with the problems with the 2nd ovary......RIGHT! I got my reports from him a few days ago and I saw he even wrote on his reports that I have an extremely "low tolerance for pain"!!!.....after all I have endured over my lifetime and 17 surgeries!

During surgery he had: 1. removed the ovary from the bowel which it was firmly adhered to, which also had cysts on it. He even said it took an extreme amount of time to get it off of the bowel. 2. had to remove the ovary and tubes completely. 3. repaired (sewed) my bowel, so he must have punctured it getting the ovary loose. 4. removed part of my Omentum 5. removed silk sutures which he said were imbedded terribly in my Omentum for some reason. He had to give up cause it was impossible to get them all......... BUT he couldn't understand why I was in allot of pain afterward!!

This was all done with a full sized laparotomy incision, plus my bowels were all messed up from him working on them and I couldn't go or let any gas afterward (intestines go into shock). He didn't think I should have needed pain pills 2 days later. I finally had my husband sneak my Herb-lax into the hospital and after I took them I passed allot of gas, moved my bowels and was ok!! There are allot of doctors out there who probably have never even experienced pain of surgery themselves, let alone adhesions!!

With my other 2 adhesion surgeries (different doctor) which involved the bowels and a laparotomy incision I had a gastric tube inserted so I wouldn't "blow up" and get as much pain when the bowels went into shock. JEAN (from PA)

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>Subject: Why is my surgeon giving me such a hard time?
>> Dr. Wiseman stated in a recent chat, "even the most skilled surgeons
>> will have adhesions come back - the trick is to get someone who will
>> work with you."
>> Hello everyone. I've only posted perhaps a couple of times here mostly
>> due to the fact that I'm not so sure that I have much to offer in the
>> way of help to others. I'm still learning.
>> Nearly two years ago, a laparoscopy was performed on me by a very, very
>> skilled surgeon. Endometriosis was found and treated along with
>> adhesions which were lysed. Ovary adhered to pelvic sidewall and
>> sigmoid colon. Until I had recuperated from the surgery, I had no idea
>> what normal bowel function was! With the exception of some monthly pain,
>> I was well for approximately 7 months. Constipation returned, but even
>> worse along with tremendous abdominal distention, pain seemingly
>> everywhere, pulling sensations, bladder difficulties and more. I have
>> now seeked the help of the same surgeon. I have seen innumerable
>> specialists and had many, many procedures performed. The surgeon is
>> insisting that I have irritable bowel. It truly seems as though he just
>> doesn't want to care for me. That scar tissue is out of the question.
>> >From what I have read, this seems to be a common concern for many
>> people, in that their care givers are giving up. The gastroenterologist
>> for one, would rather not put that label on me until I've had another
>> lap to rule out other etiologies (now thats a switch). Other physicians
>> have stated that yes, scar tissue is a possibility along with others. So
>> what's with the surgeon?????????????? I read somewhere that sometimes
>> the surgeons have concerns about reimbursement from insurance companies
>> due to the nature of the surgery. I have insurance and am quite capable
>> of paying for the balance.
>> Does anyone have any insight as to why the surgeon is causing me more
>> grief than what I'm already going through? I'm totally miserable. I
>> feel as though I must be insane or something. I feel like I'm being
>> dumped. There was one instance for example, that I made a mistake with
>> my pain meds, stumbled to bed, realized what I had done and thought to
>> myself, "oh well, maybe I won't wake up" and went to sleep.
>> Any input would be greatly appreciated.
>> Sue

Jean (from PA)

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