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From: Kate Murphy (
Fri Feb 23 13:39:52 2001

On 23 Feb 2001, at 13:27, Colette wrote:

> next week when i go to the dr's the girl on the phone told me to do an
> enema 2 hrs before hand. Because he might want to take a look! Now what
> is he using and does it hurt?


I assume he will just be doing a digital rectal exam -- any other exam requires preparation. But the best thing to do is to call up the nurse and ASK. We use these dumb phrases like "take a look."

Colonoscopy is not a procedure that is done without bowel prep, so taking a look doesn't apply there. It requires sedation, as well.

But since this is making you anxious, just reach for the phone.

I've had lots of rectal exams. The first one mortified me. I was young and very embarrassed. Now I realize that this is just an exam like any other. Taking deep breaths and focusing on them will relax you so that there should be less pressure and the doctor can feel the part of the rectum that he can reach more easily.

I learned deep breathing years ago when I was pregnant with my 30 year old son. I began with yoga breathing and then found breathing from my abdomen was easy during labor. I've used the technique during many medical procedures since and also when I'm upset or in lots of pain.

It works: Just put your hands lightly on your abdomen and breath in as deeply as you can. Focus on the muscles moving the air in through your nose. Then let the air flow out through your mouth and feel the muscles move up against your hands. It's ok to hear a rush of air through pursed lips.

If you are going to be undergoing any kind of medical exams, practicing deep breathing really helps.


Kate Murphy

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