Re: Fleet- Yuk!!!

From: Tami Dana (
Thu Feb 22 05:30:36 2001

At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Helen Gibson wrote: >
>Dear Kate,
>Thanks for your advice on the bowel prep pills, they sound much better than Fleet, It also made me vomit, I only managed to hold it down for a 10 seconds, and the taste was just revolting, I will certainly try to get the pills next time I have to have a colonoscopy.
>I hope that you can buy them in Australia!!!
>Warmest regards
>Helen G

I just had to take the Fleet kit #1 and oh my gosh! I know what you mean about the phospo soda stuff, It took everything in my soul not to hurl that stuff back up! I actually cried while I drank it =( There are pills you can take instead of the Fleet soda stuff?? Please let me know what they are? I had to take the Fleet kit for a barium enema I had on Weds (yesterday) and next they want to do a colonoscopy... Can you tell me what that was like and if it is painful? I am scared to death! The barium enema went bad...but I wont even go into it. Thanks alot for listening to me... In love and understanding, Tami

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