My surgery and many Thanks to all!

From: jenny low (
Thu Feb 22 00:30:18 2001

Hello everyone,

I want to thank everyone for keeping me in your prayers over the past week. They have surely been felt. I had my surgery last Friday. They were able to remove the adhesions with the harmonic scalpel with the laparascope. I have 3 half inch to an inch incisions in my belly, one just above my belly button, one about an inch to inch and a half below my belly button, and one about two inches to the left of my belly button. I had adhesions along the transverse and descending colon attached to my abdominal wall. There was also a loop of small intestines adhered to the abdominal wall. My rectum was being pulled by adhesions and was stuck to the top of my vagina (OUCH!). I was in surgery for 2 1/2 hours which is very good for me! The night of my surgery I got up to go to the rest room and had a apple sized ball under the skin on the left incision. It scared me to death. My sweet murse came and checked it and went and told the charge nurse. She came and pressed real hard on it. When she left the room I told my friend I really wanted to punch her in the face. I found out that the charge nurse has been nicknamed "Nurse Hatchet". It suits her. Anyway, the doctor came in and looked at it the next morning. It has dispersed due to Nurse Hatchet's smashing. It was only swelling. They kept me in the hospital till Sunday due to the extensive work they did on me. Since I have been home though and even at the hospital I have been having trouble peeing. I have to push down to pee. It may even start to come out or come out a little and then it stops. I may even feel like I have to go real bad but when I get in there have to strain to pee. I was hurting down on the same side Monday. The nurse at my dr office told my husband it could be trapped gas. She told him to have me take some heavy duty laxative that would make my bowels work quick. I had had diarrhea 4 times, 3 being at the hospital and had been passing gas. BUt I took 3 Ducolax anyway. That was about 2-3 pm. At 3am I woke up in severe pain. I went and sat doubled over on the potty for 3 straight hours. At 6:30am I got back in bed. Less than 30 minutes later was up again having diarrhea. I haven't moved my bowels since. My stomach was swollen and looked pregnant especially on the left side from the surgery. That has one down alot but I am having pain up under my ribs and around the waist area. I can't stand anything touching me around my waist. I feel like all my insides are being shoved up under my ribs. It is very uncomfortable. I can't seem to do anything. IF I sit straight up, it makes my back hurt. If I lean over, I feel more pressure shoving up under my ribs. Has anyone else experienced this. I can't stand this pressure feeling up under my ribs. It makes it kind of hard to breath too. I am still experiencing pain on the lower left side. It is not near as bad as before surgery, it was constant then. But I am feeling the same kind of pain in that area. I am trying not to let it worry me yet. It hasn't even been a week yet since the surgery. The drs said the area of the hysterectomy looked good with the exception of the rectum/vagina thing. They thought the interceed that they used before seemed to be working reasonably well. They used it again. So I am hopeful that the pains I am having are just due to the surgery and not new adhesions. Anyway, that is what is going on with me. I have a post-op appointment March 9. We will see what they say. They did print me out some pictures of my insides. There is an area I want to ask about that looks like what endometriosis looks like. I had it in the past so it is possible. I guess I will find out then.

Trace, I'm glad your surgery went well. You were in my prayers. Dee, you are also in my prayers as well. You all are so wonderful and so supportive. Janet, I love you so much for being such a friend and support. It was wonderful talking to you the day before my surgery. I was just coming out of surgery telling Ted he had to call you. You are precious. Tami, thank you for taking the time to send me the ecard. It meant alot to me. I don't think we could find a better group of people who have so much love and support for each other. I pray I will be as good a friend to all of you as you are to me.

I love you all, Jenny

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