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From: toni welsh (
Wed Feb 21 20:41:45 2001

At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Millie wrote: >
>Toni, I am near hysterics right now. I am crying so hard that I can hardly
>see to type this. I have had a burning sensation in the lower abdomen all
>day, since I had a little bit of loose stool this morning. I am so beside
>myself right now that it iisn't funny. I am so sorry to know about your
>Mom. That's horrible. Toni, if you don't mind me asking - how did your Mom
>get when she had the volvulus/ Did she vomit/ I am so scared of that,too.
>Nobody knows. I only took 2 sips of the phosphosoda early this morning. I
>only had a little loose stool, and it was hard to expel that. My left side
>burns like crazy. Like loose stool lays there and irritates. I know she
>didn't remove the endometriosis. Probably the adhesions are back 10 fold,
>too. And she called me her colicky baby. God help me. Did your Mom have a
>n.g. tube? Did they know what caused the twist?
> Love,

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>> At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Millie wrote:
>> >
>> >Toni,
>> > did you
>> >have problems with moving your bowels? I took a few sips of Fleets
>> >phosphosoda this morning and could not tolerate it. I almost got sick. I
>> >had a few very small watery bm.s, but it's even hard to get them out. Did
>> >you ever have any blockages in the bowels ? I only
>> >to God that's not where I'm headed. I am so afraid of tubes. I hear they
>> >awful to have put in. Did you ever have one?
>> >Millie

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>> >> At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, karen wrote:
>> >> >
>> >> >Hi all,
>> >> >
>> >> >Hope everyone is having a good day.
>> >> >
>> >> >Just wanted to update things and get advice from those who would be
>> >> >enough to give it.
>> >> >
>> >> >I saw my new gyn for the second time on Monday. My US results
>> >> >that they could not find my left ovary (again). A year ago it was
>> >> >adhered to the bowel along with endo there and in the cul de sac.
>> >> >Lupron and during still had pain. Which brings me here. He wants to
>> >> >a lap, possible oopherectomy, possible laporotomy and also have the
>> >> >surgeon there to check for the hernia which he is trying to r/o. Also
>> >> >mentioned if the endo and adhesions were real bad that he would
>> >> >recommend a hysto, however, not do it a that time because we needed to
>> >> >discuss further about HRT or not, risks, etc.
>> >> >
>> >> >Well needless to say, after thinking (in the car of course, why do we
>> >> >always do that?) I called his office back and told him that if he
>> >> >he has to do a hysto to do it then, why subject me to yet another
>> >> >surgery? Duh? So my husband and I are going back in on Friday to speak
>> >> >with him again.
>> >> >
>> >> >The hard thing for me is this surgery is based on a lot of what if's.
>> >> >Nothing is cut and dry with these diseases (endo and adhesions). They
>> >> >don't know anything until they get in and see what is going on. This
>> >> >my second surgery within a year. I have heard success stories and
>> >> >failed stories about hysto's. I am trying very hard to make informed
>> >> >decisions, it is so hard to keep a level head during all of this. Not
>> >> >to mention, my husband is worried, upset at another surgery, and
>> >> >frustrated like myself.
>> >> >
>> >> >Well thank you for listening, all. I am thankful to have a place to
>> >> >vent. My mom can't understand why I am always on the computer looking
>> >> >for and reading any info I can. She thinks it does more harm than
>> >> >I do have somewhat of a medical backround and so this is natural for
>> >> >I told her that it helps to have people who are going through the same
>> >> >thing who can understand. And also as Helen puts it, "knowledge is
>> >> >power". Thanks to Helen and everyone else for being here.
>> >> >
>> >> >--
>> >> >Karen
>> >>
>> >> Karen,
>> >>
>> >> That is what alot of people told me too, when I was searching for
>> >> who understand, and the ONLY place I have found it is here on this
>> >> forum. I had 3 surgerues in 5 months in 98, you will be fine, I do
>> >> that is why I am so hesitant now, I had a rough year in 98, having 2 of
>> >> those converted to laparotomy.
>> >>
>> >> I will be here if you need me, for anyhting, and if you want to email
>> >> personally feel free!
>> >>
>> >> Love to you all
>> >> Toni
>> >>
>> No Millie, I have not had any total obstructions, but there are so many
>> times I swear I am headed there. I ahve not had those attacks for
>> awhile, and I hope not, it hurt so bad. Yes I cannot go without a
>> laxative, and the only thing that has worked for a year is senekot, and
>> it hurts so bad whenI take it. Milk of magnesia does nothing. I am
>> hurting bad today, but I am trying to get throughit everyday I take one
>> at a time. I am very afraid of blockages, my mother's bowel died, and
>> they say that was from volvulus. It killed her so my fears are great!
>> Love
>> Toni


My mother had alot of other issues, I know, she had extremely high blood pressure which she did not doctor for until 3 months before she died. She NEVER had any vomiting at all, just a little nausea. She was in bed for a week, the drs said she had the flu, and she passed out in the bathroom trying to go, BM, she could not go.

I do not know how to spell anyourism I think, that hit the lower aotra, and it shut down the lower abdomen. I hate the dr who saw her the day before, she was opened up that night, and the surgeon fixed her bleeding ulcers, but found her bowel had died, and gangrene had set in. He said it was dead awhile, and the blood supply of course strangle d her bowel. They could not get the NG tube in, when I got there her little nose was bleeding, and they said she fought it to bad, but she was on ventilator when she came out of surgery. These were extreme issues, but the fear of what happened to her bowel, still scares me. I have been thinking of her alot lately, she will be gone 5 years in April, and missing her is getting so strong.

Like I said she had alot of issues, but the fear is still there, I hope you are feeling better soon.

Love, TOni

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