Re: Facing surgery #2...

From: Kate Murphy (
Wed Feb 21 10:46:48 2001

On 21 Feb 2001, at 10:38, Millie wrote:

> Toni,
> did you ever
> have problems with moving your bowels? I took a few sips of Fleets
> phosphosoda this morning and could not tolerate it. I almost got sick.

Fleets phosphasoda is a very, very strong laxative that works by pulling lots of water into the bowel. It is used as a preparation for colonoscopy and surgery.

One problem with Fleets is that its strong action can upset the balance of electrolytes in the body leaving you weak or with muscle cramps. It really shouldn't be used without a doctor's advice.

It also tastes terrible. I have taken it lots of times for colonoscopy or surgery prep. Last time, I just ended up vomiting it with such ferocity that I tore a small blood vessel in my esophagus.

There is a pill form of colonoscopy prep newly available, so if your doctor suggests Fleet for prep, ask him about Visicol.


Kate Murphy

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