I'm back ;-)) but the messages won't get through... DOH !! LOL

From: niko (nicko69@dingoblue.net.au)
Mon Feb 19 00:34:38 2001

Hello everybody ;-))

Well, where to start. I think I will start by saying thankyou to all of your wishes and support through my problems. I sometimes wondered how I would cope without the knowledge I drew from here.

I was operated on Monday and all went well. I had only three bands of adhesions, and some Endometriosis. Very surprising for myself and my surgeon. Surprising because the Endometriosis hasn't been prevelant for quite some time, and the pain was alot worse than when I had cobwebbing and Endo throughout... go figure. But counting it as a blessing nonetheless. The surgeon and myself did expect alot worse.

I have a real burn deep in my groin, which my surgeon thinks is an operation pain. I am a little concerned but will wait it out, and hopefully it will correct itself. It is the only thing causing me grief.

I also asked for a testosterone implant while he was there, just for a boost. And it is working already. I feel on top of the world inside, truly alive again, after so long. I doubt I will get the downer I usually get as I am still taking my "Evista" as well. So maybe it will also last a full six months too.

The road trip to Brisbane, did take it's toll, don't recommend such a travel to anyone after surgery, and really really really happy to be home LOL

I did however make some stops to meet my pain pals for the first time. Wow, what an amazing experience. Robyne was a mine full of information, and such a lovely person. I could have talked to her all day if given the chance. Such a shame we all don't live a little closer. That woman has been to hell and back, and remains strong. I don't know how she does it. My admiration and love goes to you Robyne. You give me strength and respect. Her gorgeous sausage dogs were adorable too teehee.

Nik and I stayed with Suze and Gary on our way home, and we already can't wait to get back to see them again. Suze was operated on Monday as well. I think we both went in sympathy of each other ;-)) I was sure glad that she came home the day we arrived. It all worked out perfectly. However, we were both not feeling 100%. Suze's problems of course, as is Robyne's are far more extensive than my own. But we are still all dealing with ARD, and sure is nice to have friends like these, that totally understand the plight and the frustration. Thankyou so much Suze and Gary for your superb hospitality and matching company. You guys are just it and a bit.

I am blessed to have a wonderful supportive partner who even tried my "Bowel Prep"( hahahahahaha, oh the story to that is hysterical ) to know how bad I was feeling.

Sorry Helen G. for not ringing you yet, but I'm really confused with the time difference?? Maybe you could send me an icq message and I will give YOU a call !

So, that's my update, thanks Janet for your lovely words ;-)) I did read them, and tried to catch up with all that is going on.

Talk to you all soon Lots of Love Trace xo

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