Re: INTESTINAL ADHESIONS..........Helpful Suggestions......for Colette

From: toni welsh (
Sat Feb 17 21:33:45 2001

At Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Roni Rospert wrote: >
>>I have taken beef out of my diet a while ago, and the drs do not believe
>>it bothers me. When did you know your bowels were obstructed? The drs
>>think I have had partial obstructions, when it comes on suddenly, I get
>>nausea, and the stomach gets no gas through. Like yesterday I felt that
>>they had to be PARTIALLY blocked. I CAN FEEL IT! But they tell me as
>>long as I am not vomiting, do not worry>
>>I too do not want a emergency surgery, and be at the mercy of ANY
>Hi Toni, Thanks for sending the dietary information. Although it
>doesn't all pertain to me - I have severe diahrea, partially controlled
>by Cholestid. I sure don't want to have another obstruction and would
>like to know how to prevent one.
>I just returned from the surgeon, he removed the staples and we had
>quite a talk. He said all adhesions are not bad, he did not remove the
>ones that have my bowels cemented together in a way that they cannot get
>caught again, and he says that my best hope is that my abdomen will fill
>up with adhesions that will hold my bowel in place. My severe irritable
>bowel syndrome is probably the cause of the bowel becoming caught and
>strangulated. So again I need better control of the IBS and the
>All of my attacks were accompanied by much pain besides the distention
>and nothing moving. Both the surgeon and the GI say not to wait very
>long after realizing that I'm having an attack so that they can do the
>NG tube and have it reverse or at least they can operate before it
>strangulates and causes gangrene again. This surgery was much easier
>because the didn't have to cut out a portion of my bowel.
>My advice to you is to watch the time - and severity. If nothing is
>moving at all in 12 hours, gangrene will occur. If yours is only
>partial but enough to cause you the symptoms that you describe, I really
>don't know what you should do. It is so dangerous when it turns to
>gangrene, just be sure that you are monitoring it carefully. I went to
>the emergency room - it always happens when the doctor is unavailable.
>Could you get someone to teach you the normal bowel sounds and purchase
>a stethoscope and listen to what is going on?
>Good luck, Roni


I know what you mean about gangrene, it killed my mother, tha is why I get so scared when things are happening to me. My mom was very sick and her drs then tried to tell her she had the flu, and when she passed out in the bathroom, my father heard her moaning first, and she was trying to have a BM, and when she could not go, he ran to the store, to get enema, and when he got back she had passed out in the bathoom. When life squad got there she was out a LONG time.

They took her to surgery, and they found bleeding ulcers, but he fond too that her bowel had died, and the gangrene had spread through out her little body, she was down to 80 lbs, and they tried to save her for days, but she had lost so much bowel she would have been on feeding tube fo r the rest of her life. She cam e out of surgery on life support, and it was 3 days I will never forget! We lost her, but I know if the drs would not hav e been so ignorant the weeks she was sick at home we may have her now.

This is why I am so scared of the situation, even tho hers was different.

Hope you are doing better, and will keep you in my prayers.


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