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Sat Feb 17 17:41:29 2001

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Hi to everyone,

I just wanted to ask if anyone has had major bladder problems with ARD.

I have been suffering from urge incontience/unstable bladder and now my Urologist says that my final option is to have a operaiton called a Bladder Auto-Augmentation/ Detrusor Myectomy. The process is they go vaginally and slice the detrusor muscle to stop the bladder from contracting so much, thats the basics of it anyway. This operation is not to be confused with the larger op of bladder augmentation, where they removal part of the intestines to build a new portion of the bladder, but that my be what they will have to do if this op does'nt work, apparently the op that I am having onlly has a 50/50 chance of working or stoping the bladder contractions. Anyway I was wondering if anybody out there has had the op that I'm going to have or knows of anybody that has had this operation. The benefits of this operation is that they don't have to open you up and my adhesions won't be affected ( I hope!). My operation is booked in for the 6th march and I am trying to find out as much about it as possible. I've read a fair bit on the net about it, but there are varying opinons about it's success rate for unstable bladders like mine.

On a different note, Toni I know what you mean about your husband switching off, When I told my husband, Mark that I would have to go in for bladder surgery he went really quiet and did'nt know what to say. He hates to see me the way I am and does'nt know how to deal with it anymore, He's a great guy and we love each other deeply, he just feels really useless with the way my health is. I know he cares, it's just his way of dealing with it.


Helen G

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