Hi Update on what is going on with me!!

From: Colette (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Fri Feb 16 12:31:04 2001

First of all i lost this message board thank god i found it again. I'm still not eating very much but i do try to eat small portions. But now i'm finding that when i do eat no matter what it is it makes me so nausated. I use the juicer and drink alot. I still have terrible bowel problems i know that i have adhesions in there. I had to go back on the peri-colace for now it really does'nt help much at all. But for the last 2 weeks i'v been inches away from the ER due to the pain i'm in. I did something really dumb i got so depressed due to all my problems i tried to od w some pills so i was on a suicide watch but i think i'm ok for now i do have my days though! I have tried to get a gasteroligist appt the soonest is march 6th and sometime i really don't think i can make it that far. Gosh this horrible i had a Hysterectomy because of my bowel problems now they are worse than ever. I'm really trying to hang in there and not go crazy but this thing is ruining my life and mad me a total B!3ch. My tummy is so swollen i'm about redy to give birth to god knows what!! And hard too! Some days i cannot get out of bed cause of the pain and i don't pass anything for days then it will wake up in there for a day or 2 then bam back to pain and constipation i'm always constipated, i don't sleep well either i take excedrin pm now only 2 i promise. they don't work that great oh ya what a mess i am!!!

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