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<FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param><bigger>On 15 Feb 2001, at 10:42, Teresa Waldrop wrote:

<FontFamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>>Then the other night Teddy's mom called and told him to watch something on the news. It was about a Dr. Henry Parker, a professor at the University of Tennessee at Martin. He hypnotizes people that are in pain and have tried everything else. There were two people on there that he had "miraculously" helped. Teddy got in touch with him and he wants to meet me Saturday to go over my case. I am extremely skeptical of this, but Teddy made me promise that I would at least give it a try. Has anyone else tried this before? I will let you all know what happens when I get home

Hypnosis is very valuable in pain management. You can learn a post-hypnotic suggestion that will enable you to both relax and focus on something other than pain.

I was just reading something about hypnosis and was asked by the author to make my fist and arm as tight as possible. Well, of course the tension hurt. As I relaxed the arm, the pain went away.

When I am absorbed in something very interesting my pain eases. The more absorbing the less pain. Sitting at the computer can be excruciating for my neck and back, but I hardly notice it when my writing it going well. I stop for a breath and realize how much it hurts.

This is the basis of hypnosis. I would much, much rather try it than undergo more surgery!

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