Cheryl's reply

From: Helen Gibson (
Sun Feb 11 21:56:28 2001

Dear Cheryl,

thanks for replying. I have had all the tests done that you mentioned, and my Urologist also was present for my last surgery for adhesions (4months ago) and he tried a techinque called a bladder distension, but it only lasted one week and then I had my usual symptoms return. My bladder does not have normal function, it would not hold anymore than 60mls fluid without sending it into spasms in the test I had done, and I have very high bladder pressure, which apparently is not good. They also don't know why my bladder is doing this, I did have adhesions on my bladder last time they went in, and I also have had a bladder suspension done 3 years ago and I never had any problems with it until about August last year. They do say however that adhesions can cause damage to the nerves around the bladder, and this maybe is what has happened to mine. I am hoping that I will not form any new adhesions from this op, you have to have a little hope. Thanks for your lovely words.

Love Helen G

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