Exercising Your Pelvic Muscles

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sun Feb 11 17:40:11 2001

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[]] Exercising Your Pelvic Muscles

http://www.citeline.com/C1SE/view?target_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.niddk.nih.gov% 2Fhealth%2Furolog%2Fuibcw%2Fexerc%2Fexerc.htm&return_url=%2FC1SE%2Fresults%3 Fsummaries%3Don%26enhance%3Don%26kw%3Dpelvic%2Badhesions&title=Exercising Your Pelvic Muscles&new_s=search%3F

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