Massage to help gas pains & bowels

From: Jean (
Sat Feb 10 22:18:54 2001

Many years ago an osteopathic doctor taught me how to massage my stomach to try to get rid of some of my intense gas. Allot of times if I can get the gas to come out I can then also move my bowels which get stopped up at times, even with taking 12 Herb-Lax every night.

It really does help!! When my pain gets too bad to handle from gas & not moving my bowels I "knead" my abdomen starting on the lower right side working up and underneath the rib-cage (or lower if pain is there), then down to the lower left side. I probably "knead" every inch which takes about 20 times to make a full circle. You are trying to push the bubbles & help move the feces out. I do this several times until I start feeling better and usually soon start passing gas. You will actually feel the gas bubbles or feces as you do this. Yes....sometimes I have to hold my breath awhile if it hurts too much. I push in pretty far and usually have red marks on my belly afterward but this has really saved me meny times form rolling around in pain.

I also put a heating pad on my lower back which helps some times, or even on my belly. If you lay on your left side to sleep it also helps your bowels & gas.

Hope this helps someone alittle. JEAN

Jean (from PA)

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