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From: Jean (
Sat Feb 10 14:35:03 2001

At Sat, 10 Feb 2001, Helen Gibson wrote: >
>Hi to everyone again,
>I just wanted to mention that I take green tea for constipation, and it works wonders, it is also very good for the digestive system and also for bronchtis and chest infections. You can make it as strong or as weak as you like, if you by the green tea with jasmine it tastes great and is very refreshing, hope this is of some help.
>Lot of love
>Helen G.

Helen G., Guess I am one of the weird ones with an ultra sensitive stomach. I drank the green tea in the decorative bottles for about 6 months (forget the brand) cause the doctor said it was good for cleansing your body. After all that time of not knowing why I had constant nausea I discovered it was from the green tea (just in-case anyone else has this problem). It also didn't do anything for my bowels but the I do need a stick of dynamite for that one (haha). I do drink regular decaffeinated home-made tea since I am so limited in what my body handles, and it doesn't make me sick. I also have an ulcer & hiatal hernia so I can't drink any carbonation or any juices with acid (most do)....even apple juice causes allot of gas pains. Just Water, Tea & Coffee for my belly, milk ocassionally for the ulcer. JEAN

Jean (from PA)

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