A wonderful Nurse Prac. Office Visit

From: Kathy L. (kjlu9857@velocity.net)
Sat Feb 10 12:02:39 2001

Hi everyone:

I just had to share what a great experience I had seeing a nurse practioner at my new gyn's office. I switched doctors because my last gyn was the one who told me to live with adhesions and the pain and that any thoughts of further surgery were hopeless.

I needed my yearly checkup after having 2 surgeries in the last 6 months. I am happy to say the surgery in Nov. with Dr. Redan was a great success. I am back to work full time. Back to normal everyday activities and enjoying life, etc.

I went to Barb for a pap, etc., and I gave her a copy of my history. It was so refreshing to have someone who was really interested in my adhesions, my surgery, my problems the last few years. She wanted this website address, Dr. Redan's email, the Adhesion Center in Scranton, etc., for any patient's she comes across who may need this information. When I told her that some doctors don't believe adhesions cause pain, she said, "baloney, the pain can be crippling". How refreshing to be able to say whatever I wanted without worrying about how she might judge me. And she congratulated me for "knowing my own body, and knowing what needed to be done".

Another note: She ordered a sonogram just to be sure everything was okay after my last surgery. The technician happened to be the same one who did my sonogram last year when I had a very large cyst formed by adhesions. She was amazed at the difference after surgery. Everything was normal and there was only a small ovarian cyst--probably due to ovulation noted.

I am also making copies of my surgery video to give to the gyn that gave me no hope. I want her to know that she may be able to refer future patients for help to this site. Also I am going to contact a general surgeon in our area who specialized in laparoscopic surgery to see if he might be willing to learn how to do the type of surgery Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich do. This could help a lot of people in our area.

Thanks for listening and for continuing to be there to help people with adhesions.


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