Pain Net: Public Information

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Feb 9 10:50:44 2001

[]] Pain Net: Public Information


* What you should know about pain, and the people that treat it!!!

* A Patient's Bill of Rights

* State by state listing of : Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, Chiropractors, Pharmacists and Councilors with special interests and in some cases very special training, education, and skills in finding the causes and treatment solutions for painful diseases and conditions.

* Sources of free information about Pain, the diseases and illnesses that cause it, and what may be done to stop it!!!

* Headache

* Backache

* Pain associated with cancer

* Depression

* Other symptoms associated with painful diseases

* Additional sources of free information.

* Sources of information about pain that may be purchased.

* Online Counseling

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