Re: Adhesions...

From: Janet Karam (
Thu Feb 8 08:57:45 2001

Hi Angela,

Has your aunt seen this site? If she hasn't try to have her visit the site. We have all had different journeys, and are all at different stages with this disease. The toughest part for many of us is the loneliness of the journey, so finding a site like this makes us not feel so alone and hopeless.

I only found the IAS site a few weeks ago...not only is there tons of great information, there is a wealth of love and support.> I was reading your ariticle about adhesions. I have a aunt who is 29 years old. She has had between 15 to 20 surgerys in 7 years. She has internal scar tissue that is so bad, the doctors said, "its like a cob web spreading inside her."

You and your aunt are welcome to e-mail me privately anytime.

I have surgery scheduled at the Adhesions Clinic in PA March 15, there are surgeons there who specialize in advanced laparoscopic procedures to remove adhesions.

I am touched by your letter, I hope that you know that you help your aunt just by being ther, and for believing her.



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