Re: surgery in germany

From: Janet Karam (
Wed Feb 7 12:31:57 2001

Hi Jennifer,

Glad you wrote many have written in of their positive experience with Dr, Korrel in Germany. I hope that you are able to stay relatively comfortable for the month you await surgery...I pray that your surgery is a great success.



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> Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've booked a surgery date
> with Dr. Korell in germany for March 8th. I read the message from Elke
> about Mary and hope the other surgeries go well. I talked to Mary
> before she left and she was in good spirits. I will let everyone know
> how my surgery goes. I have adhesions in my right lower quadrant that
> attaches my bowel to my abdominal wall. I have had seven surgeries in
> the past and hope this one will be my last. I am so glad I found this
> web site and thank everyone who has helped me along the way.
> Jennifer

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