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From: niko (
Wed Feb 7 03:28:35 2001

Hey Robyne,

My full name is Tracey Cheel :-)) My partner is Nik Bergmans, can't wait to meet you, hopefully I won't be too sick !!!!

Looking forward to it, Trace xo

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From: Robyne Hinks To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Wednesday, 7 February 2001 5:28 Subject: last name

Dear Trace could you tell me your last name so I can ask for you at the hospital desk.I will probably go down on Teusday to see you. Love Robyne

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From: niko To: Robyne Hinks Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 6:51 PM Subject: Hello ;-))

Dear Robyne ;-))

Thanks for the phone number etc., I know how precious your time is, especially when you are in pain. I hope it's not infected too badly. I've had enough of those to last me a lifetime, of course, not as bad as yours, none the same I can sympathize with your plight.

If you need anything, even just a shoulder, I'm here.

Trace xo

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Dear Trace George's number is 0733719521.He is based at the Sandford-Jackson Building at the Wesley Hospital grounds at Auchenflower,4066.I think its 40 Chasely Street.I have had a bad day with pain had to go to my GP and get a morphine injection.He has been my GP for 27 years and I think he knows me better than I know myself.I have to go back to the gastroenterologist as soon as I can as the catheter that goes into my stomach(it is permamently swinging there)is a little infected but I am hoping that it will come out when I see him next time.It was put there so that I could vent the gas in my stomach when the bowel was not working well and I could also top up with fluids when I ecame dehydrated.I do hope you get in touch with him I'm sure that he will help you when you are ready.Love always Robyne.

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From: niko To: Robyne Hinks Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 10:50 AM Subject: Re: Thanks Robyn ;-))

Thanks Robyne,

I certainly was not aware of that !! My partner only has one kidney. Thankyou for telling me, I can get it all clearer in my head. Information is the only power I am left with when your in pain. At least I won't sound naive when I speak to these doctors ;-)) Do you have a phone number for your doc's surgery? Maybe I could make an appointment with him ;-) How are you feeling now?

Talk soon Trace xo

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Dear Trace Just thought that I would add,I did lose a kidney as well because one of the adhesions strangled the ureter and caused it to die therefore I had no way to get the urine to my new bladder and they cannot rebuild ureters as they have a peristaltic action like the bowel.Thought I would mention it as I wasnt sure whether your ureter or urether was involved.Love always Robyne.

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From: niko To: Robyne Hinks Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 7:30 PM Subject: Re: Thanks Robyn ;-))

Hiya Robne ;-))

Firstly I would like to sincerly thankyou for sharing your ordeal with me, I don't say ordeal lightly as I have had two major bowel operations, be it, no where near your complications. Wow, you have endured so so much, my heart goes out to you. I feel honoured that you were so open with me.

I must say I was really pleased to hear of your specialist, as he is obviously skilled with bowel problems. I don't foresee anymore bowel problems at this time, hopefully for a long time, as they take so long to recover from. I understand your hesitance in seeking help for the adhesions, it's a hard block to overcome. I know I certainly get sick of all the tests and the hospitals.

I have had numerous operations, nealy 30 in total, and it has been a hard road. I just want someone to stop the muscle sticking to my hips, and my urether has been resected twice already. I need to try and save it if I can before they have to build me another. Preventative surgery I guess is in my mind. The pain is unbearable now as walking is an effort.

We definitely have alot in common, as I am with my soul partner as well. They really don't know how comforting it is to have them in our lives.I am looking forward to getting to Brisbane. I have Private Health Insurance waiting period to wait out. I am covered as of June this year. I have paid for Private Hospitals my whole medical history, however am taking a break since moving home from Melbourne. So, I guess I have to find a good financial solution.

Rockhampton has a pathetic specialist rate. There is NO one here to help me. So frustrating when the pain increases. They give me stupid drugs that do no good. Don't alleviate anything. So I am trying to stay strong and have adopted you as my pain pal hehe.

I know I will need a doctor to operate through my ribs as you cannot get through the laparotomy scars. This entailing a bowel specialist be on hand. I am hoping with this new preventative Seprafilm or Intergel may help keep them at bay for a little longer. The cost of those, I am happy to take a chance.

Thankyou again for your support, Please keep in touch regularly, I want to know how your doing tooooo ;-)) Trace

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Dear Trace Well Mine is a very long history and I have put it on the Adhesion Quilt Just go to the adhesion site and hit on adhesion Quilt and scroll down to Robyne Hinks.However in the last two years since I have been to George,I have had seventeen ops.It started four years ago when I had my ankle smashed when I fell down some stairs.I got a blod clot in the leg and they gave me Warfarin.I was allergic to it and it made me haemoraghe throughout my internal organs especially my bladder which after a struggle of a year my urologist removed it and built a new one out of my bowel.All hell broke loose then with repeated bowel obstructions and peritonitisand of course the main problem for all this to do was ,you guessed it,ADHESIONS.So I left there and had to go to the Wesley to go on a pain clinics cocktail of highly potent pain relievers.At The same time I went in under George for avery huge hernia(the hole was bigger than a dinner plate and my whole bowel was outside twisted up with adhesions and dragging my new bladder with it) and he did his first op in March 99 to repair it and also put in ahuge piece of mesh the whole width of my stomach.He had arranged to use the new Intergel on me but the surgery was so immense that he couldnt so he wrapped as much up as possible with Sepra-film and hoped it would work.After eight weeks I went home but only lasted four days and was in immense pain so went back in I had another bowel obstruction.He put me on a drip and then on eight weeks of TPN the mean time further tests revealed that my large bowel had stopped working all together So he went back in and because of all the mesh i now have to be cut open form sternum to pubic bone even for simple things.He put in a temprary stoma on the right side at the end of the small bowel so he could rest my large bowel hoping that rest would get it going again but to no avail.In the meantime he was thinking of leaving the stoma there permanent but I couldnt contra l the diarrohea and then I got an abcess around the stoma.Again surgery but the abcesses just kept coming so in September he said no pussyfooting around that he would go in and take my large bowel and suture my small bowel to my rectum and put in another temporary stoma on the left side until my bowel healed.Again I could not contral the diarohea and my weight has plummetted to a dangerous level as the expensive feeds were not covered anymore by my health fund.In the end he operated again and reversed the stoma and said he had a quick look around and where he had used the sepra-film there was a very good improvement and they had hardly grown back.But Trace there is only a small percentage of patients that it does work on so I guess it means that you would take a chance to see if it did.However he said that when I get stronger he would probably use it again with the added protection of Intergel as well.I am home now gradually picking up but it is a struggle because the adhesions that are still there are strangling my new bladder and around part of the bowel as well.I have ended up with only about 18feet of small bowel so will suffer constantly with different levels of diarrohea for the rest of my life and will find it hard to put on weight(well I guess thats okay) but wouldnt mind putting on some.When I get stronger(in mind as well)I will go in nd have the adhesions done but being in there for eight months has made me dread hospitals so much.I was just unfortunate that things did not go to plan.I am not saying that he is as brilliant as some overseas but I know that he is close and is also only too happy to talk about any type of treatment you wish to have,he is gentle compassionate and really cares about his patients and if you have financial troubles he is willing to listen.He is one doctor that thinks "outside the square"and will take on any challenge.The WEsley is a private hospital but I also know that he goes to the Royal Brisbane which of course is public.I am sorry this is so long but I am just pleased to talk about it.I have a great close family and my husband is my soulmate.Without their support I would have thrown it in a long time ago and of course the Adhesion society is good but it is so "Americanised" and sometimes is hard when you ant information about some things.Intergel is not available in Australia but George can get it.It is approx $400 a vial and you need one.Love always Robyne

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From: niko To: Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 9:19 PM Subject: Thanks Robyn ;-))

Dear Robyne,

Thankyou so much for the information regarding your Dr. The fact that you are in Brissie, made me jump for joy, but I guess I have been rejected enough to not get my hopes high.

I guess firstly I would like to know how much this doctor helped you, and if not too personal some of your history. I also needed to know if Wesley hospital is private or public? I am covered with Private Health Insurance from June this year, so this work I need done now, I would of course be paying out of my pocket.

You see I need a bowel surgeon for my operations on hand. I also need to know if he used any preventative surgical techniques with your adhesions? And if they have returned on you. I am just trying to rid myself of this monkey on my back.

I am very grateful for your help

Kind Regards Trace

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