finally an answer

From: chris (
Tue Feb 6 09:09:52 2001

Hello Everyone, I finally got my blood test back and it showed I have ovarian function. I was so mad because no one told me that this could happen.....and now the doctor wants to wait another month and retest me again and then start me on birth control pills......I think I am going to try to see another doctor but I really do not think the military is going to let pain is coming back now and my bowels are worse then before surgery, every time I have to go I get really bad cramps......the board has given me the strenghth to fight for myself everyone on the board has made me feel I am not alone.....I meet someone on this support group and she lives 5 minutes from me, we live on the same military post, and we have become good friends and we watch each other kids, and are there for each other when we need it.....I am not sure what I should do about the ovarian remnant because surgery is not a option since I just had one 2 months ago, and the adhesions are really bad in my left side where the remnant is.....birth control but I feel weird about taking it because I have had everything removed......I guess I should wait and see because there is going to be no easy answer and these doctors at the hospital are not going to give me straight answers either......thanks for listening to me ramble on and on.....

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