For Ann

From: jenny low (
Mon Feb 5 22:34:27 2001

Hi Ann,

I know what you mean about computer gibberish. It seems odd people have been sending me emails. I keep getting porno stuff sent to me. What I do is block sender so they can't email me any more. I don't want that trash! But they aren't the only ones. DeliverE sends me a bunch of junk too and so many others. So what I have started doing is scanning down the list of emails sent to me in my "inbox" and I click beside all the junk mail that I don't care to read and delete them. That way I can sit and read the message board and any other important emails from friends or family without having to waste my time deleting each one as the letter opens. It really allows me to get rid of them fast this way and I can get back to my heating pads. It's horrible when pain rules what you do, isn't it? I hope this helps you in some way. My hubby is the computer guru in my house too.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Are you scheduled for surgery anytime soon? Try to get some rest and keep your strength up. You are in my prayers.

Bear hugs, Jenny

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