Re: ARD sufferers and their treatment

Mon Feb 5 14:09:58 2001

Helen and Friends,

I am right here with all of you and wish that we could fight this silent disease of ARD ! No one here in Virginia will really listen. My gynecologist understands and knows of adhesions of course, but with my surgery last July all they did was get the adhesions in the pelvic cavity and left the rest on their own. I am not putting them down, they are gynecologist, not "surgeons" as in, lets explore and get all that we need. They were extensive and went beyond the scope of a qualified gynecolgical view of my doctors. They were great...however, its' not long a gynecological problem.

But I implore each and all of you NEVER give up. There is hope and I can see it happening one day! We need a "huge support group" I wish we could all get together and share stories and hugs in person.

Helen, you are a doll...and you will be forever my new found friend, in health and sickness! (Almost like a matrimony vow, lol !!) I am happy we found each other and were able to meet and share stories yesterday. It's great to get the insight of others who suffer.

Love in Health to All !

Karen Carter

Karen Carter

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