Good News

From: Linda Beebe (
Mon Feb 5 13:11:11 2001

HI everyone

I'm sorry I've not written lately...I've been very discouraged and depressed, but today...I received good news!

I want you all to know I've read and kept up with all the posts...and my heart felt empathy to you all...and prayers and hopes for this disease to be understood and cured soon.

my news... I received my records today from my surgeon in Tulsa..the one who discovered the adhesions in my small intestines a year ago...full disclosure of my surgery...including her statement to the exact extent of my adhesions, how they affected my bowels and it was her opinion they were interfering with my digestion processes. SHE ALSO included a refer to an asst. surgeon here!

I called the referal...questioned them extensively about adhesions and barrier products and they seemed very knowledgeable!! I have an appointment on the 21st. Let's all pray, it would be a God sent to find a surgeon in the area that knows something about this condition!

love and hugs to you all... Linda Beebe

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