Re: oxycodone vs. duragesic patch

Sun Feb 4 18:17:54 2001

Hi Chrissy and All,

Today I drove all the way to Baltimore (about 100 miles) one way to meet a fellow adhesion sufferer, Helen Chalmers! She is just as much a delight online and even more so in person. My youngest son went with me and we went to her house and met her family. Then we went for a bite to eat. We just went up there to get to know one another and see what it's like for me to meet another sufferer. I was thankful she didn't live that far that I was able to finally meet someone from the Internet, this being the first time I ever met anyone from online. Helen and her family are very nice people. I give her hubby Karl much credit with the other spouses, companions and family members that stand by us each day while we try to conquer this silent disease.

May God Be With You All,

Karen Carter

Karen Carter

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