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From: Janet Karam (
Sun Feb 4 13:26:46 2001

Dear Ann,

I noticed yesterday that 2 of my messages were duplicated, and that one hadn't posted for 7 hours after I had sent it...I'm not sure why this happened.

I'm sorry this irratated you so. I am still at the point where even if I feel horrible, reading the same letter 5 times, only makes me 5 times more grateful that I had it to read at all.

This board and the people on it are my lifeline. We may not do things perfectly when posting messages...when I am hurting, or am reaching out to someone who has posted, and is desperately reaching out for help, all I want to do is post as quickly as possible. I might not be as careful as I should be with making sure it is sent "right".

I will try to be more careful.


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From: edward vinson To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2001 4:58 AM Subject: messages

Lately at least half of all "Adhesions Society" material I receive is filled with either duplicates OR it's filled with "computer gibberish". Why the problems? It really makes me want to turn the computer off. Personally when I am feeling bad I can't sit at the computer for extended periods of time to sift through all of it.


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