Re: no subject received Fri, 2 Feb 2001 13:36:34 -0600

Sat Feb 3 10:10:01 2001

Hi Terri :) <~~~~ smiles a big bright smile to you~~~~~~~ Thank God it wasn't your turn to visit those puffy clouds in the sky. That means you aren't done doing what you are supposed to do here on earth. I'm not taking lightly what you had done because I've been there too. Buttering my bread with a butter knife and putting it towards my wrists and then end up laughing cause what the hell is the butter knife going to do to me - spread butter evenly on my wrists???? Geez.......the things I do. For the past week I have been so depressed - but of course with help from this board and a very special friend - Helen Chalmers, I WILL be getting the meds. I need for my pain. I have to go through this pain for a time and then the future for me will be: A doctor who listens to me when I say triple OUCH - this pain has been killing me, my family, and my friends - please understand me when I say I need some oxycontin for my pain. And that doctor says - why Chrissie, you ARE suffering needlessly - please, take this prescription and in a month lets see how you are doing and see if we have to adjust your dose. That day shall come soon! It's just the holding up I have to do till that day. My love and prayers are there each night and day for all who suffer, and for all those who suffer needlessly! Hugs and Love, ~Chrissie xo's

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