no subject received Sat, 3 Feb 2001 11:03:27 -0600

From: Terri Lynch (
Sat Feb 3 10:03:28 2001

Dear Karen,

I understand completely! I cried as I read your email. It is wonderful that you are still here. God has really given you a new chance. To be so close and then reach for help, thank God you are still here with us. I guess my broken nose is the price I paid to learn a very valuable lesson. I scared my husband out of his wits. It scared me too. I really think life is going to get better in my future. I don't think it can get much worse....

Need someone to talk to on them bad days....I am here... I will keep you in my prayers as you wait for your surgery. I know how going without pain pill can be. I have had to go all week without mine and know how hard it is...I will pray that the pain will reduce and you will be safe till then..

Love and hugs, Terri

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