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Fri Feb 2 21:21:27 2001

huggsDear Trace please let me know what hospital you will be in and I will come and visit.Love always Robyne.

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Hey everybody,

This wallpaper seemed apt for all you. I hope you can hear the sound too ;-))

I am booked into surgery on the 12th of February in Brisbane.

The last few weeks have been rough, to say the least. The pain was unbearable and my GP prescribed some panadeine forte. When you get in excruiting pain, you kinda go to the doctor with an unsaid expectation that they will listen, hear your pain, hopefully without crying and keeping it together, and leave there feeling better. It didn't happen.

I am allergic to Paracetamol. I was pretty upset with this pain before I got there, and as always, really don't like people to see me cry. I choked with the script and didn't say a word. My dad had driven me there, I thanked him when he dropped me off, hobbled inside, closed the door and howled. Silly huh? I should have told the doctor right there and then, I'm allergic to those!! But I couldn't. My mother rang and I couldn't talk. She immediately got over here and rang them back, took me back down and I got a peth shot. Why oh why did it have to be so hard ! Finally after 3 days I got some sleep. And felt really stupid in front of the doctor.

Pain makes me loose all sense of reason sometimes. Then I rang the specialist and he prescribed "Tramadol", he told me that it was Morphene and sometimes the doctors won't prescribe it, told me to tell them to ring him if they had a problem. I thought, great, this will help me through to the operation.

My loving partner went and filled the script, came home with a huge smile and handed me the packet. TRAMAL !!! Well, my feeling at that point was undescribable. You see, I had tried the Tramal previously and it had done absolutely nothing. I slowly got up, threw the packet over my shoulder, went into the shower to try and calm down. I felt soooo let down by everyone. I tried to turn on the shower tap, but my partner is very strong and had turned them off HARD. I burnt my arm. Great .... I walked back into my bedroom and seriously contemplated taking the whole packet !! That would teach them to give me something that didn't work ... ay yi yi... I took one, and I couldn't believe it, but it worked !! The pain started to go away. I spoke to my partner, who was absolutely beside himself with worry over me. He couldn't believe it either. Then we checked the pack of Tramal I already had. It was out of date a year before the date on the label !!!! No wonder it never worked for me.

So, even though I am still having alot of trouble sleeping, and have tried alot of your suggestions, my pain is minimal, and that helps so very much. I am really dubious about returning to my GP though. He really didn't seem to grasp how much pain I was in. But the fact that my specialist got the medication right, gives him more credibility in my eyes. It makes me pretty nauseous, but I was losing my mind with this pain, so I'm happy to vomit a little, as silly as that sounds.

Sorry this is a long winded letter, but that is how my world crumbled last week, I see broken wings problems, and I totally understand. But all you need is a good compassionate doctor, and all the difference is made, and you get your strength back to fight.

Keep me in your thoughts, as I struggle through the next ten days to some freedom, as I will keep you all in mine, and please please be kind to yourselves.

Trace xoxoxo

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