Re: fantom cramps & rolling over in bed?

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Feb 1 22:19:37 2001

I haven't rolled over in bed in 27 years. That really caught my eye. I lay on my back with a pillow under my knees and a pillow on my left shoulder and my hands over my abdomen trying to sooth it. Well, anyway, it doesn't matter, love and prayers to all of the new people in my life. Sally G.

Robin wrote:

> Dear Karen
> I have the same type of pain. The pain where it seems like someone is
> stabbing me with a hot knife. It happens when I move a certain way, but
> I can't figure out when it is going to happen until it does. I call it
> "pulling myself" I think it happens when the adhesion is being pulled or
> streched. I am not sure, but that is my feeling. I sometimes would
> have it just turning over in bed. I like to say it hurts so much I
> can't even cuss! It is better now since surgery & my over all pain is so
> much less. I hope this helps in some way, to know you arent alone.
> Robin
> At Wed, 31 Jan 2001, wrote:
> >
> >What about phantom pains where our ovaries used to be? I had a surgeon tell
> >me that could be what's going on with me sometimes. In fact for the last few
> >days I have had this very deep sharp pain on my right lower quadrant...about
> >where my right ovary would be if it were still there! And talk about pain,
> >holy COW, it's almost to the point where I can't stand. Feels like someone
> >his sticking this big long knife in my lower abdomen, anyone else feel these
> >type of's not crampy like my period, something totally different.
> >
> >Karen Carter
> >
> >Karen Carter

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