had laprascopic surgery 1/21 for adhesions 1yr post op from hyst.

From: gidge (gidge@eudoramail.com)
Thu Feb 1 12:52:47 2001

Hi well I am almost 1yr post op from my tah/bso(due to endo and recurring ovarian cysts) and ended up having emergency surgery on 1/21 for adhesions....they thought they might have to do a vertical incision but were able to get it all with the scope.....apparently I had to "bands" of adhesions attached to my pelvic wall and this was what was causing my pain.....they had a general surgeon on standby in case my bowel needed work but according to my gyn everything looked good except these two areas....what I don't know is if she removed the adhesions or just cut them and released them?? I have a follow up appt. next week and will know more...does anyone know how long before I feel good again? I've just come back to work today and am wiped after three hours and quite sore where they did the work...any advice would be great.

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