Re: fantom cramps

From: Robin (
Thu Feb 1 11:15:16 2001

Dear Karen I have the same type of pain. The pain where it seems like someone is stabbing me with a hot knife. It happens when I move a certain way, but I can't figure out when it is going to happen until it does. I call it "pulling myself" I think it happens when the adhesion is being pulled or streched. I am not sure, but that is my feeling. I sometimes would have it just turning over in bed. I like to say it hurts so much I can't even cuss! It is better now since surgery & my over all pain is so much less. I hope this helps in some way, to know you arent alone. Robin

At Wed, 31 Jan 2001, wrote: >
>What about phantom pains where our ovaries used to be? I had a surgeon tell
>me that could be what's going on with me sometimes. In fact for the last few
>days I have had this very deep sharp pain on my right lower quadrant...about
>where my right ovary would be if it were still there! And talk about pain,
>holy COW, it's almost to the point where I can't stand. Feels like someone
>his sticking this big long knife in my lower abdomen, anyone else feel these
>type of's not crampy like my period, something totally different.
>Karen Carter
>Karen Carter

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