Karen Carter-Re: I Am Nervous !

From: Belinda (kiffany94@yahoo.com)
Thu Feb 1 04:12:26 2001

Karen, Your doctors sound like my doctors. I am not going to just sit by and continue this way though. I ask for anyone who knew doctors in my area that would do the adhesion surgery and got some names and I have an appointment with one of them on Feb 27th. I am hoping that this doctor will look at my history and realize that the problem is adhesions and do the laparotomy. I think you should look for another doctor in your area that will do the surgery. Just my thought.... Belinda

At Wed, 31 Jan 2001, KCarter706@aol.com wrote: >
>Sorry I don't know your name to address you personally, but you are in my
>thoughts and prayers. Best of luck to the doctor. Not to discourage you but I
>had my GYN and a surgeon admit I had adhesions and they won't touch me unless
>I have a full obstruction, and then they would only do a laparotomy. So in
>that way I am thankful and blessed. I don't want any big open surgery.
>Best Wishes,
>Karen Carter
>Karen Carter

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