Re: HYSTERECTOMIES & ADHESIONS...Mission Accomplished, Helen C.

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue May 30 20:40:14 2000

Helen C. - Thanks for your continuing concern for others who are going through similar problems with adhesions following a hysterectomy...similar to the adhesion problems which have turned your life upside down! Your concern for others on the IAS Message Board is exemplary! We need each other looking out for others who are also suffering from adhesion-related disease ( ARD ).

I have already been in contact with Donna and Barbara S. I only hope that they will learn as much as they can about adhesion-related disease. Once a person understands what they are faced with, this knowledge does take some of the anxiety out of deciding what to do next...and helps them to think twice before going under the knife. Your knowledge about adhesions will help you more than you realize.

Most importantly, all people with ARD need to learn not to agree too quickly whenever a doctor or surgeon suggests surgery as an answer...but rather consider getting a second opinion or better yet seek the services of surgeon who specializes in adhesiolysis surgeries.

Helen C., I feel confident that you have made an excellent choice in seeking the surgical skills of Dr. Harry Reich and Dr. Jay Redan from Scranton, PA to help make it possible for you to become adhesion-free and thus pain-free. Your surgery date is not too far away...sometime in June. My every wish is that - as result of choosing the best surgeons - you will be able to put a smile on your face...without the use of pain pills!

Even the very best surgeons, who have chosen to specialize in difficult adhesion surgeries, cannot guarantee that their surgical patient will be entirely adhesion-free. Our bodies are in charge of the healing...not the surgeons! But by choosing to have your surgery done by a surgeon, who has accepted this very difficult role as an adhesions' specialist, you will at least know that your surgeon will being doing his/her very best to minimize the chances for adhesions to using the specific techniques he has learned and perfected from previous surgeries.

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At Tue, 30 May 2000, Helen Chalmers wrote:

Hello everyone:

There are some new people here that I found at a hysterectomy site that are still having problems. That is where I came from and I went back to make sure no one there was suffering from adhesions. Well there are. There is a post here from Donna and Barbara S. They are having pelvic pain after having a hysterectomy. I was lucky enough to have had the radiologist see "loops of bowel fixed." But for those that have negative CT scans, what then? There are more knowledgable people here than I, regarding adhesions, so would you direct them on the right path. First of all, if they are having pelvic pain, what would be their first step to finding out if they have adhesions or not? Donna has already heard from her ob/gyn today that adhesions do not cause pain, adhesions are just a part of healing. Well, I did tell them both to find a decent PCP that ob/gyn's won't help them, in my experience anyway, and to not run to a surgeon. Please give some assistance. Thanks!!

--Helen Chalmers

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