Re: intestinal adhesions and constipation

From: Sherry (
Mon May 29 12:34:00 2000

Intestinal adhesions are my biggest challenge. I have endured bowel obstructions so I have to keep things moving!!! What has worked for me personally, after trying everything my Doctors suggested, is mineral oil. I put 2 tablespoons in orange juice and drink it before I go to bed. Adhesions are a by product of the body's attempt to heal injured tissue. Surgery is controlled tissue injury! The healing process begins immediately after the injury. In the abdoman, raw surfaces resulting from "surgical injury", begin to seal over within hours. The extent varies from patient to patient, the nature of the surgery, as well as compounding factors. Many areas ot tissue injury form no adhesions whereas other areas stick together as if you used glue! Hope this helps, please feel free to contact me at Sherry in WV

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