Adhesions vs. Hernia???

From: Donna (
Mon May 29 09:01:17 2000

I am 6 weeks post from having had a subtotal hysterectomy. My dr. said that my uterus was severely adhesed to my bladder. After surgery, the pain I was having pre-surg. was gone. After 2 weeks, however, the pain was back with a vengence in my lower left pelvic area and in my back as well. Also, my left lower pelvic ares is protruding and distended. I am wondering if the pain could be caused by more adhesions having formed, or if it sounds more like a hernia. I go to the dr. tomorrow and would like to know what to ask - he's not very forthcoming with information - I have to pry it out of him. Please Help Me!!! THANKS!

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