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From: Peggy (
Sat May 27 14:34:23 2000

At Sat, 27 May 2000, Susan wrote: >Hi Susan,

I started out with having pain in the lower left quadrant about 3 years ago. Although I only experienced the pain when I was ovulating. I also had very heavy periods. I had a D&C in 2/98 which failed to help the problem. My gyn recommended a hysterectomy . I had a laporoscopy assisted vaginal hysterectomy and left ovary removed 4/98,Dr. found that the left ovary was attached to the bowel and thought that this was the cause of the pain during ovulation.1 week after the hysterectomy I ended up back in the hospital due to developing a hematoma which had to be surgically drained. I was feeling pretty good for about 6-8 weeks then the pain returned. This time it was a constant pain but it was the same pain that I had felt prior to the hysterectomy. My Dr. asked me if I would mind having a consult with the senior partner of the group I was with, so I did and he sent me for a CT scan and a barium enema test in June 1998 and everything was normal.To try and make a long story short my Dr. ended up leaving this group the beginning of August so I felt that being under his care I should follow him into the new group he was going to. He then referred to a GI Dr. who concluded that the problem was most likely adhesions from the infection after the hyster.So my gyn sent me to see a gyn specialist who in turn told me that he did not believe the pain was gyn related and wanted me to see an orthopedic Dr.By this time I was very frustrated and called my gyn. He told me that right after I had left the specialists office he had called him and agreed that a laporoscopy be done to see what was going on. My gyn did not want to do this and asked the specialist if he would do it.Unfortunatly he could not do it until November 22nd which I felt was a long time to have to wait being in so much pain. I begged my gyn to please do the surgery himself but he would not, He told me that he did not want to do the surgery and have me possibly return to him another 6 weeks later and still have the pain.At this time I decided that I would call the senior partner of the group I was with before and talk to him. He was more than happy to help me out. I had a laporoscopy in 10/98 and he found severe adhesions throughout the abdominal and pelvic area he lysed all the adhesions and again I was feeling pretty good for about 6 weeks.He then did steroid injections 2/99 to the left area ,these were given every other week for a series of 4 injections .This did not resolve the pain either. I had another laporoscopy 4/99 and there were severe adhesions again although not as bad as the first time. My Dr. used an adhesion barrier called interceed. THis time the pain returned within 2 weeks.I went to pain management ,the first Dr. I was seeing in August 1999 put me on klonopin, methadone and arthrotec. at first this helped but for a very brief time. I did not like the mannerism of this Dr. so my PCP referred me to a different one who took me off the klonopin and arthrotec, and insisted that there was a cause for the pain.He spoke to my gyn and they both agreed that another laporoscopy be done. This time my gyn was looking for endometriosis. I had the laporoscopy 11/99 and he did not find any adhesions but he did find endometriosis so he removed the right ovary.he did not remove the endo because it was too close to involving the bowel and decided to with hold estrogen replacement for 3 months to allow the endo to *die* off. In December my pain amnagement Dr. took me off of the methadone and the pain came back full force. I had gone into see him several times ,called him asking for pain medication but he insists on finding the cause.Pain still persists and my dr. checked hormone levels to find that the estradiol level was elevated and feels that there may be ovarian remnant keeping the endometriosis thriving. I started Lupron injectiond the end of March which has been a battle for me . I have developed joint pain and muscle aches along with the normal Hot flashes, night sweats, increase in migraines. and the pain still persists.I have had a cystoscopy ,2 colonoscopies and an MRI all tests caome back normal.I don't know what will happen next. I just pray every day for the pain to be gone. Sorry this was so long. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Peggy

>I read where you had had numerous Laps.Were they because of
>adhesions?How many other surgeries have you had?The reason I am asking
>is I had surgery to laser adhesions and remove gallbladder 4/27.My
>intestine was stuck to abd.wall because of abd.Hyst,5/99.Almost a month
>later I don't think the surgery to lyse adhesions worked and with my
>history of surgeries wonder whether it would be a good idea to ever try
>to lyse adhesions again.I can't imagine feeling like this the rest of my
>life.I thought maybe I was still recuperating from the gallbladder
>surgery but I don't think so.I guess something is stuck again.Anyway I
>would like to hear of your Laps and do you have adhesions?THanks.Susan

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