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Fri May 26 14:54:59 2000


1.) Alternatives To Hysterectomy..." Designed for women who have been told they need a hysterectomy and are searching for alternative treatment."

Be sure to click and read: " Why Would a Woman Resist Hysterectomy?"

2.) HERS FOUNDATION ( Hysterectomy Educational Resources & Services )..." The HERS Foundation is an independent non-profit national and international women's health education organization. It provides full, accurate information about hysterectomy, its adverse effects and alternative treatments."


4.) Hysterectomy: To Have or Have Thomas L. Lyons, M.D.

5.) Recurrent Endometriosis After Hysterectomy

6.)" No More Hysterectomies " Vicki Hufnagel, M.D. This book is for you IF:

(a. You have been told you need a hysterectomy

(b. You have problems that may lead to hysterectomy in the near future.

(c. You want to be fully informed about a health decision that could affect the rest of your life.

(d. BE SURE TO: Click and Read: Chapter 1: " The Revolution in Women's Health Care "

7.) Sans Uteri..." is a structured forum for people to discuss the impact of hysterectomy on their lives. More than 500,000 women are hysterectomized every year in the United States alone. If you have had a hysterectomy or have been advised to have one Sans Uteri is a place to ask your questions, share your wisdom and discuss the many challenges this surgery brings to our lives."

8.) She " Surfed " to a Second Opinion..." Facing a decision she dreaded, Antonia Alba logged onto the Internet and found an alternative to hysterectomy."

9.) The Hysterectomy Hoax..." You don't need a hysterectomy. It can do you more harm than good. Those are strong words, but the fact is that more than 90 percent of all hysterectomies are unnecessary. Worse, the surgery can have long-lasting physical, emotional, and sexual consequences that my undermine your health and well-being."

10.) Update on Endometriosis Treatment by Laparoscopy......" The treatment of endometriosis today is NOT hysterectomy."

11.) Endometriosis Persisting After Castration - Removing Disease, Not Organs, Key To Long Term David B. Redwine, M.D.

12.) Hysterectomy and Its Alternatives: " Last year, over 550,000 American women had a hysterectomy. Yet it's estimated that around 30 percent of these operations are unnecessary. Before you consent to a hysterectomy -- and all its potential consequences -- find out what alternatives are available."

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