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From: Chuck Butman (
Wed May 24 20:20:42 2000

I am so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I also am on Methadone for this knife like pain. I have a neuroma (nerve mass that formed in the suture sight ). I am much better now, since my last surgery and am down to only 2 to 3 pills a day (from 10 ) but there is a drug that helped me alot. It is called Neurontin. It sounds like you may have this also as it sounds like my pain. I urge to to try the Neurontin. It is an anti-seizure medication to stop the nerve from shaking. I used to have to sit for hours aftr a bowel movement. Neuromas are very rare and the only doctor to admit to ever seeing one is the one in Germany. It is worth a try. Joanne

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> Joanne
> I have pulling pains in my lower right & left abdominal quadrants, I have
a > very sharp constant knife-like pain in my lower left quadrant. When I
have a > full bladder, I get a pulling pain, like attached to my bladder, it
actually > pulls/hurts when I urinate. I DEFINATELY have adhesions attached to my
lower > bowel. Sometimes, when I have a bowel movement it feels like a
> pulling/ripping. Then, afterwards, there is a spasmatic, pulling pain,
> sometimes for hours. I don't have intercourse anymore because I can't
stand > having anything inside me. That pain is indescribable. Pulling, knife
Awful. > I am on 145 mg of MS Contin 3x per day, with Loritab 10mg as needed for
> breakthru pain

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